In the sweltering summer of 1958, Leon (Stephen Dorff) and Bobby (Brad Renfro) are leaders of the Brooklyn street gang known as the Deuces. When their brother Alley Boy died from an overdose, the two toughs vowed to keep narcotics out of their turf, but now they're being muscled by a new and more powerful gang called the Vipers, fueled by drug money and led by mobster Fritzy Zennetti (Matt Dillon). As a vicious gang war heats up that will determine Brooklyn's future, a romance develops between Bobby and Annie (Fairuza Balk), the leader of a girl gang.

Deuces Wild

Genre: Drama, Action
Length: 93
Director: Scott Kalvert
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, Fairuza Balk
Year of production: 2002
Original language: English
Rights: FreeTV, PayTV, VOD, SVOD