Successful restaurateur Will Keane is on the verge of turning fifty, yet he's still quite the playboy with a persistent case of commitment-phobia. When he meets Charlotte Fielding, a free spirited woman half his age, he expects another quick and easy romance. But their nothing about their relationship is quick or easy. Instead their encounters are rife with intergenerational clashes, differing philosophies and an urgent sense of sensuality and connection. Just when Will is tempted to bail out with his usual line about "not promising forever," Charlotte responds with reasons of her own about why she feels this relationship can't last forever -- she's dying.

Autumn in New York

Genre: Drama
Length: 103
Director: Joan Chen
Cast: Richard Gere, Winona Ryder, Anthony LaPaglia
Year of production: 2000
Original language: English
Rights: PayTV, VOD, SVOD