With dreams of being a supervillain, wide-eyed comic book fanboy Lester (Middleditch) joins the Union of Evil and becomes an apprentice to hardened henchman, Hank (Marsden). With the help of a few blue-collar co-workers (Krakowski, Dawson, Robinson), Hank and Lester mop up after bungling bad guys (Sasso, Molina, Riggle) and half-wit heroes (Fillion, Goldthwait) only to discover that it’s not easy being bad when you’re good.


Genre: Animation, Family
Length: 1h29
Director: Adam Wood
Cast: Thomas Middleditch, James Marsden, Jane Krakowski, Rosario Dawson, Craig Robinson, Will Sasso, Alfred Molina
Year of production: 2018
Original language: English
Rights: FreeTV, PayTV, VOD, SVOD