Based upon the bestselling novel by the international Emmy-award-winner David Safier, published in over 30 countries and translated in 18 languages.
The story follows the Wishbone, a family that has lost her happiness and is struggling to remain together.
Mum Emma's small bookstore is deep in the red, Dad Frank is completely overworked, Fay, the pubescent daughter, is failing her exams and Max, the son, is a hyper-intelligent boy, who therefore is bullied at school. To make matters worse, following a fancy dress party the entire Wishbone family is bewitched by Baba Yaga, a witch – now they have become a Vampire-Lady, a Frankenstein-like Monster, a Mummy and a Werewolf. Together, the bewitched monster-family is hunting the witch over half the globe to force her to reverse the enchantment. On this trip they meet a bunch of real monsters, including Dracula himself, who tries to seduce Emma with his irresistible charm. Well, nobody said, finding happiness as a family was easy ...

Happy Family

Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Holger Tappe
Cast: Emily Watson, Jason Isaac, Nick Frost
Year of production: 2017
Original language: English
GenreTags: animation
Rights: FreeTV, PayTV, VOD, SVOD