When Dummie, the little living mummy, realises he will never grow up to become a real Pharaoh, he decides to become famous instead. As famous as his father the great Pharaoh was 4000 years ago.
His best friend Gus worries: a famous living mummy is bound to go wrong. But Gus’s dad is keen to help. Together they’ll think of something to make Dummie famous. When they hear of an ancient statuette that can make Dummie a human being again, Gus can finally stop worrying…

Dummie The Mummy and The Sphinx of Shakaba

Genre: Family, Comedy
Director: Pim Van Hoeve
Cast: Julian Race, Roeland Fernhout
Year of production: 2015
Original language: Dutch
Rights: FreeTV, PayTV, VOD, SVOD